Will Perone

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After over 2 hours of installing and setting up FlashDevelop to work with ActionScript 3, I finally began my quest to create my first Flash application. Surprisingly, AS3 is incredibly similar to Java; imports/packages are pretty much the same, classes work the same way and you can even use 'extends'. The main differences that I've noticed so far are that variables and functions are defined a little different:

int count; var count:int;
private void myFunction(int i) private function myFunction(i:int):void
To draw something on the screen there is this concept of adding and removing children of the display list which takes a little getting used to as well. All in all, it's a very pleasant experience to work with and you get cross-platform functionality for free. In 30 minutes I had my first simple bouncy ball demo up. I'm looking forward to making something very kickass in this in the near future.

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