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I actually took a break from my ventures to write a small article on some cool CSS tricks I've recently learned. Check it out here
I have recently been away on vacation in North Carolina for my highschool reunion and have taken quite a trip down memory lane since I haven't been back to see the area in 10 years. I got to visit my old house and some old memories got triggered. It made me start thinking about what I thought the best years were for me programming. I've been programming games since the age of 11 (1992) and have seen a lot of changes to environments, languages, software and technology in my time.
Looking back I think the best time for programming games (for me at least) was about 1996-1997. Windows 95 >>>
After doing some hardcore digging I actually found traces of my pre 2000 web sites thanks to the wayback machine:

http://www2.crosswinds.net/~perone/ (this one wasn't archived)

It's interesting what the wayback machine actually archived and what it didn't.
I totally didn't notice the 5 year anniversary of Perone's programming Pad when it passed on July 14th! I have a feeling that working on Andrograde 37 hours a day contributed to that... Well I guess this is a happy belated bday to myself?
Lesser known is that I actually had a popular website before PPP which I started in 1997 (man that site would have been 12 years old if it was still running... the pagerank would have been off the charts). It was called the Godfather of Game Programming and it was one of the most popular sites f>>>
I've updated the J-pouch page today with some more handy tips I recently figured out.
The Crohn's & Colitis Foundation, in partnership with Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (P&GP), knows how important it is to recognize the inspiring individuals who don’t let their UC get the best of them. Together, they proudly announce the second annual Celebrating UC Success program that includes a motivational contest to recognize, inspire and educate individuals whose lives are touched by UC. This year's program focuses on sharing and helping others by identifying Quick Tips - 'tried and true' lifestyle tips that people affected by UC have discovered through experience to help mana>>>
In light of the recent financial crisis, one of my creditors namely Advanta Bank has chosen to employ some thinly veiled loan shark tactics. I've had a business credit card with them for over a year and have maintained a healthy 7.9% APR. Last month however I was awoken rather abruptly by a call at 7:30AM from their collections department. The woman said I was $20 overdue, I was half asleep but still cognizant that I had the card set up to auto pay every month so it was rather odd that there was any amount overdue. As I quickly discovered, my interest rate was now 32% and had>>>
My fiancee finally has her own blog! It's called Green Healer. She's a PhD candidate for psychology at ITP so the writing is very scholarly but it's good stuff :)

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Seeing that I actually have my own company now; I may (hopefully) have more than 1 programmer at some point so I've decided to set up my own SVN server. Of course it ended up being this convoluted process that wasn't well documented. Being the good blogger that I am, I've created an article on how to do it.
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