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8 years ago today I created willperone.net to showcase code and get visibility of my personal projects. Time changes everything and over the years my website has become one of the main sources of information about ulcerative colitis on the internet. I am honored and proud to have the privilege to host such life changing information for people. We all need to do our part to make the world a little better than what it was before; that is how sweeping changes happen. Of course I still gladly still host source code I've written which I can legally make open to the public for anyone's perusal a>>>
DigiPen posted a student success story about me on their website, check it out at Will Perone: A Different Kind of Company Man
Anyone doing genealogy for a number of years using Family Tree Maker will eventually come across the error The image is too large to save while sharing or using export to png, jpeg or bmp. Here's how to get around it:
1) Go to Share and Export to EMF format. This is a vector file format and won't run out of memory nearly as fast as the other bitmap file formats.
2) Download a program called Image Magick. This will enable you to convert your emf file to a png, jpeg, bmp or other file formats.
3) G>>>
I have been doing genealogy for years and finally had some time to put a public directory up with my research into the town of Castelmezzano, Italy. This directory has all of my scans of births, deaths and marriages as well as other useful information like roads and general information about the commune. You can view them here. Also of use may be my FamilySearch film tracker spreadsheet I made to help organize and track microfilms. You can get it here.
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Today I added smile and sad / positive and negative / upvote and downvote etc... feedback icons to the comments as a bit of a social experiment. You can up or down vote however many times you like but you can not undo the action.
It's time for a new article; this time it's on generating an axis aligned bounding box from an oriented bounding box. Check it out: Calculating the Axis Aligned Bounds of a Rotated Rectangle
There seems to be a lack of information on the net on how to actually program oriented bounding box collision especially in actionscript 3 so I put together some code to show how to do it: Optimized Separating Axis Theorem for OBB in AS3.
(happily coding away...)
How do I goto line number in TextMate again? Oh yea cmd+L...
Wait where is the L key?
(looks down, sees qwerty layout for keys) :(
Ah crap... what's a word that has an L in it? (Lame comes to mind)
(types out 'Lame')
Ah there it is

Oh the joys of dvorak touchtyping...
My typing memory is in my fingers...
Just put together Daniela's website for her ecopsychology dissertation :) She calls it Sacred Portals.
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