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Technopoly was my programming obsession from 2003 - 2004; I have since stopped work on this project. It's a stylized old school souped up megaman like game with internet play support. Collecting coins in game will gain your character money by which you can buy AI bots in game or suits/gloves and other things in the menu. Money is only kept if you beat the level.


Arrow keys to move
Z Shoots (hold to power up)
X Jumps
Down + X Slides (even in the air)
Press the opposite direction when flying into a wall to jump off it
Buy AI Bots at the Depot (the floating computer with green light) by pressing Z

The game also features a console which can be toggled with the ` key and console input (and internet chat in game) can be done by pressing tab. Press Tab and type +help to list the console commands.

  • 2xSaI, Super Eagle and Super 2xSai image processing in 15, 16 AND 32bit which can be combined with bilinear processing!
  • combined sprite AND palette animated images with palette interpolation
  • support for 4bit, 8bit and truecolor sprites
  • level and sprite files are text editable with comment support
  • openGL renderer with SNES style alpha blending
  • FMOD sound support with stereo sound and variable sound effect pitch
  • Lightweight socket networking can be played on a dialup modem and not desync!
  • Game levels are organized into 'episodes' (scripts) which can play through multiple levels each
  • All sounds, graphics (except a few temporary ones) and code are done by me (I did not do the music)
Tracy 48 2
Wow! I, being a novice programmer myself, realize how amazing it is to make a project like this! Who taught you coding and how long did you study? I take a class in programming myself.
Will 1 17
I began teaching myself programming when I was 12. 2 years later I taught myself C/C++ so by the time I had programmed this game I was making games in C/C++ for 8 years although a lot of my learning happened while I was at DigiPen. I am now teaching myself how to make games like this in Flash so they're freely available on the web without any installation but the multiplayer aspect is REALLY hard to pull off in Flash which is why barely any Flash games have networking.
Rami 0 8
Hi will listen my email is therockstar95@hotmail.com i'm also 12 and i've been teachin my self hacks and stuff ii recently discovered C++ and have been trying 2 learn how 2 do a simple program so i was wonderin if u can help
Tracy 4 3
Best Programming happens in the young, Eh? I'm 15 and I'm already good in 4 languages: html, Qbasic, VisualBasic, and Actionscript.
anthony 2 1
i know binary code hacks i have wuinbxp pro and novell client i am 13
Sebastian 1 120
A R T T W.That is Alphabetical order a pizza I am almost 10.I am 8!!
Sebastian 2 4
You know that is a cool looking GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sebastian 0 2
Sebastian is 8!!!!!!!!
Sebastian 1 1
Sebastian is 8!!!!!!!!And a half!
James 0 2
Hi will i e-mailed you a while ago about a different matter... but any way i am 12 and i cant find out how to learn programing so could you please e-mail me at JamesatRaglan@hotmail.com and tell me where i can learn
maxter456 1 0
its maxter456 from andrograde and to play technopoly do u have to download it?
cameron 0 0
i love beat me up too
TechnoRocksToDeathNotEvenAJokeImNotTrickingYou 1 1
A-AA-AAA-AAAA-AAAACHOOO that makes me cough.
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