Will Perone

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BSc Real Time Interactive Simulation Minor: Mathematics
2004 Honors Graduate
Project 'Scrapped' featured in IGF showcase 2004, Nintendo Power volume 163 (p27)
2000-2001 Student Ambassador
2001-2002 Student Association Secretary
2001-2004 National Deans List
Courses Taken (163 credit hours):
Gam100, Gam150, Gam200, Gam250, Gam300, Gam350, Gam400 (Internship), Gam450 (Internship), CS120, CS170, CS180, CS200, CS220, CS230, CS245, CS250, CS260, CS261, CS270, CS280, CS300, CS315, CS330, CS350, CS370, CS380, CS381, CS400, CS420, CS460, Mat140, Mat150, Mat200, Mat225, Mat250, Mat300, Mat350, Mat351, Mat352, Mat399 (Wavelets), Phy115, Phy200, Phy250, Phy300, Eng110, Eng115, Eng150, Eng400, Eng450
Extracurricular: Soccer Club, Anime Club, Reiki

1999 Honors Graduate
1996-1998 Who's Who in High School Students
1995 President's Award of Excellence
Extracurricular: Varsity Wrestling, Varsity Soccer, Quiz Bowl, Art Club

Developed Andrograde API, one of the first microtransaction, virtual goods and virtual currency platforms for Flash games usable by 3rd party developers. The API has a higher payout than all competing services and inspired multiple venture backed companies to create spinoff products.

Set up Andrograde.com Ubuntu web/Flash server from scratch using SSH. Configured server to use LAMP on multiple virtual hosts for one ip, webalizer, mysql remote access, google apps (for email/chat/scheduling), memcached and Flash 9 socket policy daemon. Manually configured DNS server.

Founded Andrograde, LLC with $10,000 of personal capital into a profitable enterprise without external funding. Built relationships with many industry leaders while doing all business accounting and building the framework/code for the Andrograde API and website.

Developed Beat Me Up Too game in Flash 9 (Flex 2 & Actionscript 3 with Box2D for physics). Game used PHP backend for handling file uploads/downloads and MySQL access for user information. Integrated game with Kongregate, J2Play and XPOGames API. Game was featured on the front page of AddictingGames.com.

Developed Beat Me Up game in self taught Flash 9 (Flex 2 & Actionscript 3 with Box2D for physics). Game used PHP backend for handling file uploads/downloads and MySQL access for user information. Integrated game with the Facebook and Kongregate API. Game became one of the most popular web games and was featured on dozens of websites including AddictingGames.com.

Created Perone's Programming Pad (personal website) using self taught PHP, Javascript, AJAX and mysql. Website includes blog, RSS, commenting capabilities, interactive popout javascript menu, and an interactive logo widget (top left).

Created The Financeatron (now defunct) financial calculator website using self taught PHP, Javascript and AJAX style requests coupled with CGI finance optimization engine written in C++. Finances were optimized by using AI techniques.

Core mobile J2ME/BREW developer (4 member team) on Loopt (startup). Also core programmer and manager of BREW porting efforts including an outsourced porting crew.

Producer/OpenGL Graphics Engine programmer for Waterfight (7 developer team). A basic 3d game engine featuring texture and model management, cel-shading, alpha blending/masking, vertex blending and optimized rendering through various openGL extensions written from scratch

Technical Director/Compiler and Winsock Network Engine programmer for XNOR (6 developer team). A top down robot fighting game featuring AI scripting, internet multiplayer, and custom map editor

Technical Director/Graphics Engine programmer for Scrapped (5 developer team). A side scroller robot fighting game (DirectX8/FMOD) featuring internet multiplayer, featured in Nintendo Power and IGF 2004 student showcase winner

Lead programmer for mobile Rummy card game at Glu (unreleased)

Lead programmer for Deer Hunter 2 mobile (BREW version) at Glu

Created Technopoly in C++/SDL/OpenGL. Programmed and drew all the art for this internet multiplayer side scroller Mega Man like game. Game featured real time internet play with up to 16 players, scripted AI and levels.

Developed Fists of Fury Special. A side scroller fighting game for Windows (DirectX7/FMOD) featuring variable game speed, video filtering effects, customizable soundtrack, ability to record in-game movies, positional sound and an intelligent screenshot system

BREW Programmer for World Series of Poker: Texas Holdem (mobile) at Glu

Assisted porting Alpha Wing 2 from J2ME to Brew (mobile) at Glu

Added polish to menus and gameplay for Shadow Ops: Red Mercury (PC UT2003 engine), creating linux build environment and porting server code to linux.

Created generic game variable tuning system for mobile games utilizing xml, java at Glu

Developed Tetris like game for Color Game Boy featuring per scanline graphic effects in assembly

Programmed Excursion (3d demo) with mod music tracked to it. Entire 3d engine/graphics code was written from scratch using only the setpixel native graphics call.

Programmed Pyromania. A Bomberman like game for SVGA DOS with assembly optimized truecolor graphics, transparency effects and CD music support

Created per scanline palette modifying side scroller engine in Borland C allowing VGA to use 8192 colors in 256 color mode

Developed server/client networking interface for data and chat

Created synchronous Winamp playlist player over Internet

Created advanced song looping control Winamp plugin

Programmed multithreaded TCP/UDP all purpose client/server/port scanner

Programmed openGL milkshape3d model visualization using customizable quaternion animation interpolation, spline controlled velocity along spline paths and hierarchical bone animation

Developed Inverse Kinematics blended with interpolated animation engine

Programmed Spring Mass Dampener physics simulator with inter-object collision

Programmed Cloth Physics Simulation using relaxation modeling


C, C++, Assembly (Intel & 68000), J2ME, Flash ActionScript 3, Flex 3 (MXML), PHP, HTML, XML, Javascript, AJAX, MySql

FlashDevelop, Brew, FMOD, SDL, STLPort, OpenGL, DirectX, Winsocks, Win32, Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse, MS Sourcesafe, CVS, SVN, Doxygen

2008 - Present

Andrograde, Mountain View, CA
Founder, core programmer, designer and business relations of this social casual Flash game company.

01/2011 - 07/2011
Lead Developer

Funzio, San Francisco, CA
Worked on all technical aspects of Crime City and yet to be released game: server php development, database setup, advanced shell scripting, Flash frontend development and maintained related tools including the map editor and character editor. Proposed features and coordinated with dev/QA/design and cofounders on product development.

2010 - 2011
Cofounder of RubyCoins, Inc

Rubycoins, Palo Alto, CA
Helped build this 3 person billing platform company targeting the game industry. Did web design, PHP backend and Flash/web front end. Solved many security hurdles especially in Flash and was the payment gateway integration specialist. Internationalized the infrastructure to multi-language/country/timezone/currency. Also was the technical customer facing role for global customer base. Helped with bizdev and client acquisition.

Spring 2007 - May 2008
Core Mobile Developer / BREW Porting Manager

Loopt, Palo Alto, CA
One of four core mobile engineers that developed Loopt for deployment on Boost, Sprint and Verizon. Contributed major design decisions and core features including a unified AIM, phonebook and Loopt friends integration that were used as major selling points for Loopt. Promoted to BREW porting manager where I built the BREW porting infrastructure, led the porting efforts to BREW and managed an outsourced porting team and in-house QA team.

2005 - Spring 2007
Lead Engineer

Glu Mobile, San Mateo, CA
Lead programmer developing games using BREW and J2ME. Developed game related tools using Java and XML. Assisted in porting games.

Summer 2004

Zombie Games, Seattle, WA
Ported master server and dedicated server code for Shadow Ops: Red Mercury to linux. Added polish to menus and gameplay for PC release of Shadow Ops: Red Mercury utilizing unreal script, C++ and Visual SourceSafe.

Fall 2003
Grader for calculus based motion dynamics physics course

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA
Graded homework assignments for this sophomore level DigiPen course

Summer 2002
Project Fun Workshop Teaching Assistant

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA
Assisted in teaching a high school level class on programming video games using DigiPenís Project Fun game creation software

Spring 2002
Tutor/grader for sophomore level graphics primitives course

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, WA
Graded assignments and assisted students with coursework material

1999 - 2000
Network Operations Manager

Maintained the LAN, troubleshooted PC hardware and software, setup network multiplayer games, coordinated LAN parties.