Will Perone

RubyCoins (2010)
An enterprise level crossplatform billing platform geared toward social and casual games.
Andrograde API (2008-2009)
A microtransaction and virtual currency API allowing developers to easily monetize their games directly through sales. The API also has many other features to help foster the creation of social games.
The sequel to the original game with improved graphics, blood algorithms and a rising water and the ability for levels to have moving physics objects. To use the level editor and publish your level to be played by others you must pay through the Andrograde microtransaction API.
Beat Me Up (2008)
Flash game where you beat up a ragdoll for 30 seconds. You can make your own levels and share them with people and compete for highscores on each other's levels.
Financeatron (2007 - defunct)
An idea of mine to combine AI and debt payoff and investing plans. I used this opportunity to learn a bunch of web programming stuff and make the whole thing available on the net.
Technopoly (2004 - unfinished)
A stylized old school megaman style game with internet play support. In game controls are arrow keys to move, Z shoots, X jumps; other controls are listed in the in-game instructions.
A rather complex path following/editing program I wrote. The character's velocity is actually controlled by an editable spline and renormalized for spline path following. It also contains a light editor, a milkshape 3d model loader, all the popular path spline types, quaternion interpolated heirarchical bone animation, 3 camera modes and a partridge in a pear tree.
To get started:
Click 3 points in the path spline editor and it will automatically create a new path.
Then right click and bring up the options menu and hit 'Use this path'
This will generate the arclength tables and soforth for the path and is here so that one can work on multiple paths at a time
Then bring up the options menu again and hit 'Toggle Path Traversal'
This will make the model walk around on the path, you can still edit the path while the model is walking around.
Press +/- to change the speed the model walks on the path
Go down to the velocity editor and move around some of the points to see the model ease in and out of velocities in real time!
More indepth controls are explained in the readme.txt file
A spring mass physics simulator I programmed with some added goodies like motion blurring, transparency and interobject collision detection (through oriented bounding box collision).
There are a multitude of interesting configurations I programmed which are loadable from the menu.
You can grab and move the boxes in the demo with the left mouse button.
The menu is accessable by pressing the right mouse button but there are some quick keys for added convenience:
'escape' exits
'space bar' pauses the simulation
'g' toggles gravity
'i' toggles interobject collision
'r' toggles link rendering
Cloth Demo (2003)
A simple cloth physics simulator I coded. It uses the verlet integration scheme to achieve constraint based physics.
This program uses genetic algorithms to solve the traveling salesman problem. An interesting twist I coded in was to map the locations of the cities to a sphere.
Here are some example parameters:
Population size? 25
Number of best fit individuals to keep per generation? (1-25)? 10
Chance of mutation (0-100)? 100
Number of generations to run? 1000
Bumpmapping and spheremapping in software and at a decent framerate to boot!
Phong lighting and gouraud shading in software just for fun.
A 3d demo I coded. The entire rendering engine was made from scratch including the rasterization and math libraries. The only render call being made is gdi's drawpixel. Just run the exe, sit back and enjoy.
A winsocks general client/server program I coded to test network stuff.
A game I made in my 'spare time' while at DigiPen
Pinball (2001)
A simple pinball game I wrote to test collision physics. It will even handle interpolated concave polygon collision although collision with rotating objects is somewhat buggy.
Gummy Blit (2001)
A windows BMP editor like paintshop. It features all sorts of image processing stuff.
left click to draw on the image
right click to bring up the color selection dialog
hold control and left click to select a color from the image to draw with
scroll the middle mouse button to zoom the image
A hobby game I made. A side scroller beat em up. This became the inspiration for Fists of Fury Special.
Pyromania (1997)
A top down bomberman style game.
My first 3D demo.
A hobby game I made. A top down shoot-em-up of you vs hundreds of enemies. At the end of each level was a boss character.
Loku (1996) Code
A hobby game I made. An ASCII RPG.
Crystal Caverns (1995)
A hobby game I made. A side scroller game where you collect items to help you escape the cavern.
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