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What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative Colitis is a type of inflammation of the large intestine (the colon) where the intestinal wall develops ulcers. The inflammation is caused from the immune system somehow getting confused and attacking the large intestine as if it were a foreign bacteria. UC also can also eventually cause anemia (from blood loss during bowel movements), colon cancer (from the constant destruction and rebuilding of the intestinal wall) and random inflammation/ulceration of other areas of the body (from the immune system being confused). There is no agreed upon cause (although there are several theories) and no known cure although doctors will tell you that the colectomy/J-pouch surgery is a cure. It would almost seem that people who get UC are literally struck down by God. At least that's what it felt like to me. To make matters worse, UC is also rare (1/10,000 population) making it hard for people to connect who have it.
UC usually begins with abdominal pain followed by passing mucus then blood while having bowel movements. Depending on the extent of the inflammation, pain and loss of blood can be mild to extremely severe. When UC becomes active it's known as a flare up. When UC flares up, doctors will usually prescribe prednisone until it goes dormant again (remission) although occasionally UC can go into remission by itself.
It can take a while to diagnose UC because it is similar to IBS, Chron's and other forms of colitis.

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sue 2011/10/245 18
this is the most horrible thing..I got this after a bout of pneumonia and antibiotics.I really thought I was going to die. I was sick for aweek before I went to the drs. I actually wanted to go to the hospital,just to rest. But apparently pooping mucus and blood every hour and being so weak you can't go out of the house is not enuf. It cleared up after some flagyl and someother drug..but it comes back and the flaygl helps.But it seems like all my favorite foods are now gone. My husband can't seem to get it thru his head that this will be an ongoing thing and there will be times when I am going to be totally incapacitated. I lost 30 pounds with this..I thought I had cancer..I am now down to 106..everytime I start to gain weight this thing flares up again. I look like death warmed over..Plus I can only eat fat free foods,pasta without tomatoes,no coca-cola,no cookies,no pizza,no tacos,actually I can't even eat salads anymore. This so sucks.I can however strange as it seems eat coffee ice cream and tinroof sundae ice cream.Go figure. In january we are taking a 6 hour plane ride to Aruba customs etc. i am already worried sick,plus I won't be able to eat anything when i go there...I can't eat any fruit it just goes right thru me...But I do plan on loading up on flagyl .thanks so much for this web site. This thing must have been laying dormant in me cause my grandmother had chrones diesease. I remember her laying on her bed and changing bandages on her stomach where her intestines would drain out.Plus I also have epilepsy,so if God or whatever has cursed me I'd like to know what the hell for! I am a liberal but isn't this a little extreme?:)
Vena 2012/09/13 Contact Me7 14
I just had a colonoscopy at age 31 and they found notihng, yet I am sick everyday: intestinal bloating, nausea, excessive gas, constipation, occasional diarrhea, putrified-looking stool, occasional black stool, mucous in stool, long narrow stool with severe cramping, and stool coming out like large pellets. What is wrong with me???
Michelle 2012/10/15 Contact Me2 13
Please get help right away!! I if freed like this too long!! I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis -- now with pacemaker on digestive track! Had my colon removed in March 2012 ---(due to the above) like you!! I now have had a j-pouch surgery May 2012 !! ------when my colon was removed.... It was dead! Non functional! The source of my bleeding!! What a journey!! I pray you find a good doctor! Sometimes tests don't show the damage!! It's a combination---ago od doctor will know!
Leslie 2012/12/04 Contact Me1 15
I have constipation with Crohns/Colitis. Most people have diarrhea. Is there anyone out there that has my situation? I'm preparing on having my colon removed. I can't handle the pain any longer. Thank you!!
yrf 2014/02/28 Contact Me30 0
2016/02/020 0
bag vs J pouch @ 58 yrs of age , what is best ? please send opinion /massvocals@comcast.net

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