Will Perone

The code I have on this website is entirely free to use though of course I appreciate being mentioned in its usage. Below is a list of known citations and uses of my code by 3rd parties. If you are using my code and would like your project listed please email me.

Georgia Tech - Embedded Microcontroller Design ECE 4185 Handout
Circle drawing algorithm performance comparisons
Vehicle Institute of Technology (Taiwan) Handout
Paint Program
YShell Library Framework
Sine Table Generation

Line drawing comparisons
Vehicle Institute of Technology (Taiwan) Handout
Drive a RepRap from a Raspberry Pi
Reddit answer for Optimizing Vision/Line of Sight

Fastest J2ME image scaling algorithm on stackoverflow
Sun forums - fastest J2ME image scaling algorithm
2nd stackoverflow answer citing my algorithm
3rd stackoverflow answer citing my algorithm
4th stackoverflow answer citing my algorithm
French code FAQ about image scaling
Korean image processing blog
J2ME Remote Control of XBMC Media Center https://github.com/henryk/xbmc_control/blob/master/src/ch/ploetzli/xbmc/j2me/ImageFactory.java
DUBwise https://github.com/ligi/DUBwise/blob/master/j2me/src/DUBwiseHelper.java
Serpentina game https://code.google.com/p/serpentina/source/browse/branches/serpentina-nosvg/src/pantallas/Lib.java?r=8
Artscan https://code.google.com/p/artscan/source/browse/todo.wiki?repo=wiki&r=4c457fb0db1d4064a8201b7662469c5fedb43844

Cangaja Game Engine https://raw.github.com/samowitsch/cangaja/master/src/cangaja.js
Stackexchange answer
Starling Framework forum post

Quake III Arena rendering optimization mod

Matlab colormap to pal plugin

Stackoverflow answer 1
Stackoverflow answer 2
Stackoverflow answer 3

Stackoverflow answer

Helicopter side scroller game
C++ Game programming forum post 1
C++ Game Programming forum post 2

Stackoverflow answer
Jasonphysics - C++ Rigidbody physics engine http://jasonphysics.googlecode.com/git-history/e1c8fd8d007aff84e2ecda2f4054408fe20769cc/JPhysics/Header/JPQuat.h
FreeCAD http://free-cad.sourceforge.net/SrcDocu/d3/dbb/Rotation_8cpp_source.html
Advanced Game Programming whitepaper
Quaternion multiplication reference for programmers
Ogre3D forum post
CodeProject DirectX and WinRT blog post
Careco-in-motion accelerometer and gyroscope motion estimation https://code.google.com/p/careco-in-motion/source/browse/blender/OSCwii.h
Diabolical game
French forum post
Chinese quaternion reference
French code blog post

Stackoverflow answer
Reborn 2: Glory Math library http://achild.wdfiles.com/local--files/glory/Interp.h
DX9 Game Engine https://code.google.com/p/snda-game-effect/source/browse/trunk/engine/graphics/Spline.h?spec=svn376&r=376
French spline code faq
Spanish spline code faq

OOP and binary modules
DLL integration references - Spanish