Will Perone

Many of my previous games which were on 5.25 inch floppys have been lost to time and others don't work at all on current operating systems.... The following are my older games which still work.
A windows Colored ASCII editor with save and load options I coded in 2001. Yes, I know this isn't a game... but I thought it was just a cool project.
The sequel to Fatal Combo. Programmed in the 11th grade (1997). To get sound to work you may need VDMsound
It's the original Fatal Combo! Programmed in the 9th grade (1995). It features such things as amazing 16 color palettized graphics and awesome PC speaker music.
Shift-Q quits
numpad moves
'5' attacks
'7' and '9' throw enemy
Pyro 2 is a bomberman like game I coded in 1997-1998 for DOS which uses my own CD music support and SVGA code. This functionality in DOS is not supported anymore and an emulator like VDMSound is needed to play it.
Loku is an old RPG for DOS using colored ASCII graphics I programmed in the 8th grade (1994).