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Fists of Fury Special
Click to Download (64mb)
You may also need the Balmoral LET.TTF font.

Note: Due to potential infringement of copyright law, the original music is not in the download (even though it's a work of art). The copyrighted music has been replaced with freely distributable video game remixes. See below if you want the original music or different music.

Fists of Fury Special is probably the most ridiculous/excessive game ever created. Well... it's more like an experience; one that everyone should have. I created this game at DigiPen in my 'spare time' (any DP grad knows there is no such thing at DP). Brad Wiggins drew the gibbage art and the coffin.

Just unzip the file and run Fists of Fury Special.exe. Also included is a Dev Bloopers folder in which you can see some of the odder things that have happened in the game during development. Optionally you can install the Balmoral LET.TTF (in the main directory) as a font which is used in some places in the game. If there's enough interest I'd probably just rewrite a new FFS from scratch.

The controls in the game use enter/arrow keys in the main menu and the number pad (5 selects) in the character select/game. Enter skips past dialogs in the game.
7/9 throw enemies (holding 7/9 grabs the enemy)
5 attacks enemies (you can hold this down)
8 jumps
2 powers up (you can hold this down)

You can also climb up the side of the screen by holding 4 and 8 at the left side of the screen or 6 and 8 at the right side. Grab an enemy by holding 7 or 9 next to them and walk over to the side of the screen and climb up it with them; it's grrrrrreat!

There's a bunch of options in the menu which control some rather odd things; I'll leave it up to you to experiment with them.
Also if you happen to have the original music (or want to change the music to whatever you want) check out playlists/original2.txt. Playlists/original.txt contains the names of the files for all of the music it plays during the game.

Timemode Demo

Random Trivia
All of the images for the characters and backgrounds in the game were drawn by me in a custom pixel editor I programmed in the 9th grade in DOS for the original Fatal Combo. I made up my own file format for the images and had to later write a converted to get them to load in Fists of Fury Special. Some of the palette information from the level backgrounds did not translate correctly and I never went back and fixed it; that's why the colors look weird in some levels

The logo that fades out in the beginning is the logo from the original Fists of Fury for DOS.

The Rock the Casbah song got associated in all of my friend's minds with Fists of Fury intro and became a running joke for years.

I started the storyline in single player with Romeo and Juliet but then twisted it to include a number of inside jokes and references including Gunstar Heroes, Jurassic Park, Guardian Heroes, a number of different animes and random other stuff

The powerup effect was supposed to be similar to a Dragonball Z type effect but ended up looking like the character was just converted into brass when he went into super mode

The guy with the blue shirt that comes out from the left is my old physics instructor at DP (Mr. Duba); he actually willingly let me take that picture of him for the game... it was only later that he saw the context of it though. I had a number of obvious physics bugs in the game like guys flying into the air for no reason that I was unable to track down. I wanted to have him come out looking disappointed in the game whenever this happened to make the bugs seem like they were features.

The guy that comes out from the right with the leather jacket is indeed me at age 21.

The blood/gibs that comes out of the characters is directly proportional to how much they are damaged when they are hit; the amount is not capped at any value. The blood algorithm in the game was taken from research I was doing at the time on simulating fluids... of course the simulation isn't exactly realistic but hey at least the blood is antialiased.

The japanese kanji on the wooden board that explodes means 'excessive'.

Fists of Fury Special was originally based off a game I wrote in the 6th grade called Robot Wars. Here is the lineage of Fists of Fury Special:
Robot WarsBASIC
Fatal ComboC 16bit DOS
Fatal Combo 2C 16bit DOS
Fists of FuryC 32bit DOS
Fists of Fury SpecialC++ Win32
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