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Node.js JSHint with Notepad++


Here is how to use the latest JSHint to check your Node.js javascript code in Notepad++ with your own custom jshint options file.
  1. Grab the Nppexec plugin (Plugins->Plugin Manager->Show Plugin Manager)
  2. After installation of Nppexec, go to Plugins->Nppexec and check 'show console dialog', 'follow CURRENT_DIRECTORY'
  3. Go to your node command prompt and type: npm install -g jshint
  4. make a .jshintrc config in your project folder, here is a starter one for Node.js which fixes the const is available in ES6 or also Expected an identifier and instead saw 'const' error in the JSLint plugin.
        "esnext": true
    For a list of supported options, see http://www.jshint.com/docs/options/
  5. Plugins->Nppexec->Execute:
    type in:
    jshint.cmd $(FILE_NAME)
    click Save... and save as jshint, then click OK
  6. JSHint will now run on your current script
  7. To associate a shortcut key, go to Plugins->Nppexec->Advanced Options
  8. Click on Associated Script and select jshint, then click Add/Modify
  9. Go to Settings->Shortcut Mapper->Plugin Commands, scroll down to jshint and select your shortcut key (make sure it doesn't conflict with any other shortcut)
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