Will Perone

Demonstrates the basic concepts of how to make a system that uses DLL's as plugins to a common C++ interface. This can be used to create mods for games.
A project I made up to test the functionality of my math library which contains just about every matrix/vector/quaternion operation you could possibly think of all nicely encapsulated into OO design. The method I used to derive vector functionality made it particularly easy for up and down casting and I use some neat macro and recursive templatized struct tricks in my matrix classes (see MatrixN.h). I have notes of all of the useful identities relevant to particular mathematical objects so that I have a quick lookup place.
A neat idea I came up with for building arbitrary simulated circuit designs by inserting components into a filtergraph like processor. Unlike building real circuits though, making new components is totally free and only limited to your imagination in design. Also you don't have to worry about the trivialties of the actual physical design working out right.
Addin I wrote for SDL to support loading Microsoft .PAL palette files.
All the confusing low level stuff in implenting a client/server TCP and UDP interface for games. This relys on my message router, SDL_Net (and optionally my Logging interface for debugging).
Uber Singleton A really nicely implemented singleton class I coded up. Integrated with my logger to do interface specific debug logging.
Ultra Timer A generalized Timer interface I coded up. Includes accurate Sleep() to the millisecond (this is a real problem in Windows OS's), functionality to lock your application's framerate and a method to get the current system time in a string.
Super Assert It's an assert on steroids + a system error to error string resolver function
Logging/Console Interface A little utility I made for logging and doing console stuff. Includes a neat workaround for the lack of variable argument macro support in VC++ so that debug log statements compile to nothing in release mode.
A simple generic handle struct Here I developed a neat trick for automatically allocating the minimum number of bits to use in a bitfield for a handle so that I can use the maximum remaining bits for a reference counter.
Automatic String Resource Manager This handly tool I coded up to automatically manage resources identified with string names. Resources are automatically deleted when their reference count is 0 and the manager utilizes the singleton paradigm.
Simple Message Router A simple efficient message router designed to work with SDL. Data can be associated with messages and multiple functions can be registered to handle each message and will be processed in order. Comments are in doxygen format.
Simple Finite State Machine A simple and efficient state machine for doing things like gamestates.
CommandoKill 0 0
Hey Will =P
Olivier Hamel 1 0
Implementing quaternions gives me ulcers, thanks!
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You're the greaetst! JMHO
Tim 2011/11/29 Contact Me0 0
Hey, the quaternion stuff looks really helpful. Have you put it in the public domain? I don't see a copyright or license notice, and I don't want just to steal it.

Will 2011/12/01 Contact Me0 0
Yea anything I put up this site is public domain, I wrote that quaternion stuff 10 years ago; not a big deal if other people use it :)
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goog game
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why is andrograde chat not logging me in?

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